Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is one of my favourite cards .This is the first ever scenery card that I tried out.

For the moon I used the masking technique.I cut out a circle from a scrap paper and covered the cardstock with it (you can apply removable adhesive to it for convenience or cut it out from post-it notes) , then started sponging with the blue color.After covering the whole circumference with the ink I removed the scrap paper. I then continued with a darker ink(violet) and finally sponged with black ink to complete the night sky.

Sponged the same inks one after the other to show the moonlight falling on the snow. I then drew the trees on the right side and the cattails on the extreme left to balance the view. Colored it with markers.

The snowman was stamped on a separate paper, cut out and stuck to the cardstock. Ive used glitter pens to color it. You may notice that its tummy is popping out a little. For that I used cotton before sticking it to the main cs to get the desired effect.
This was later stuck to the grey cardstock to finish the card.

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  1. Oh, wow, this is so gorgeous!

  2. So pretty, great masking! Love your goodie supplies! Keep up the good work and passing the exams!


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