Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After 9 days of studying, travelling for hours, writing the 3 hrs paper everyday and very little sleep , my exams are finally over. What a RELIEF! Im glad all were good.

I want to start making so many things now.. waiting to try out new things.

Friday, March 20, 2009


My Final year exams are starting from 23rd March. Ill be finishing my graduation. Oh I still cant believe that!This is reason why Ive been really low in creating new things.
They will get over on 31st March and I will come back with lots of new stuff on my blog.
Thank you!
have fun.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopping time.. Fun time

These are all the things I bought today(16/3/2009)Some ribbons in different colors. I always wanted such translucent ones. It adds a lot of elegance to whatever project one uses it in.

3 punches. My collected is slowly growing... slowly. But Im loving it. Punches are a very good option to add to your cards or projects.. Effortless to derive and amazing output.

Violet decorations.. They are shiny and show different colors from different angels.

4*6 buttons.

1.Yellow (small)




6 flowers made of 'I dont know what'. This product is a rebuy as I loved it when I previously bought it.

I bought a lot of colored cardstock too.

Shopping is always always always fun!

I did my shopping with the cash prize I got from my college for academic excellence in Economics.I mentioned this to say that I did my shopping with MY OWN MONEY... And let me tell you that feels great.

My University exams will be starting soon. So once they get over Ill be more regular with my posts.

Thanks for viewing.

Comments are always welcome.Sharing joy makes it larger.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is one of my favourite cards .This is the first ever scenery card that I tried out.

For the moon I used the masking technique.I cut out a circle from a scrap paper and covered the cardstock with it (you can apply removable adhesive to it for convenience or cut it out from post-it notes) , then started sponging with the blue color.After covering the whole circumference with the ink I removed the scrap paper. I then continued with a darker ink(violet) and finally sponged with black ink to complete the night sky.

Sponged the same inks one after the other to show the moonlight falling on the snow. I then drew the trees on the right side and the cattails on the extreme left to balance the view. Colored it with markers.

The snowman was stamped on a separate paper, cut out and stuck to the cardstock. Ive used glitter pens to color it. You may notice that its tummy is popping out a little. For that I used cotton before sticking it to the main cs to get the desired effect.
This was later stuck to the grey cardstock to finish the card.

Thanks for looking!
Comments are always welcome.
Have a nice day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Floral Arrangement

This arrangement is a combination of quilling and punch craft.I quilled the roses in three colors. Quilling roses is so much fun.It is very easy too.I quilled a few leaves for the roses.Adding punched flowers and leaves to it made it easy for me to extend the arrangement from both the sides and it looks good too.The toughest part is to decide how to place all the elements.I did some sponging on the cardstock with violet ink.Added the sentiment.

This is a close up .

Another close up.

For more information and discussions on quilling visit this link.

Leave your comments. Its fun reading them. Thankyou. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I altered this candle stand.I cut the golden glossy sheet into that shape, made the red and pink roses with satin ribbon and added colored thermacol balls.Stuck golden wire to each of the golden leaves and coiled it around the bottom of the stand.Added shells to the green ribbon, decorated it and placed it to the stand at the end.
What I did with the shells was that I covered it with glitter fully. The ribbon was folded into the step style.