Thursday, October 20, 2016

Silhouette On Canvas

All of you who wish to make something for your home ... this is a must try.

It is simple and the final product is outstanding.

Silhouettes are classy and easy to make... This is what I came up with. I enjoyed it so much that I thought of sharing the steps on how it can be made.

Lets start the tutorial

1. Choose your color for the background and dilute the color with water (note: the amount of water will depend on how light you want the background to be). I chose a copper metallic acrylic paint for the background. As I wanted the background to be really light, I diluted the paint a lot.

Use a sponge fill your canvas board. You may use more than 1 color to create a night or sunset effect. Here I wanted more focus on the silhouette hence used only 1 color for the base.

2. Let it dry for 15-30 mins. You may draw your main image or use a stencil or stamp. I drew the grass and stamped the butterflies. For the grass a rough sketch for giving you directions while painting is good enough.

3. Using a black paint stroke out the grass. This is the 1st step to creating the effect. At this stage you may want concentrate on getting the overall picture right.

4.Now paint a  solid black line across the bottom to create base for darkening the grass for the silhouette effect.

5. It is now time to darken the bottom half of the grass. Start filling the grass strokes with solid color. The aim is to create a dark base. So go ahead and fill in the bottom.

6. Now paint the butterflies and the first painting is ready.

The second one is on similar lines, just a little different approach.

1. Get the background ready with the desired color(s) and sketch/stamp/stencil your main image.
(the color blue below looks different in the pictures due to change in lights)

2. Start outlining the image. In the previous one we used strokes to create grass, however as this image is such where we will have to fill paint, it is better to start with an outline.

Always start from left and make your way to the right. This prevents mishaps of paint getting onto your palm and transferring on the canvas in the wrong places.

3. Once the outline is done start filling it. Use the left to right rule here as well.

4. Our Silhouette is ready.

I placed them in my living room and just love how they looks.

Thanks for looking.

I look forward to your comments.

Nothing's a Waste

Mums are a favorite during fall... and now that we are a few weeks into fall, the first set of flowers have started to dry out,

Today I was deadheading them and got thinking how beautiful they look even if they have dried out.

I realized how perfect they are for a quick fall decor. 

Truly nothing is a waste if you think enough.

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Have a great day

Monday, October 3, 2016

Birthday Wishes

Started with a birthday card. Have used mostly stamping and sponging techniques.

Below is a close up of the flower. The image was stamped on a separate cardstock, cut and highlighted with glitter pens. The center was puffed up with fine sponge particles. It was adhered to the base cardstock with the dimension tape to give it a highlighting effect.

Thanks for looking. Please feel free to share your views.

A fresh start !

Hi Everyone,

Life gave me an opportunity to get back to my long lost love for creativity... And trust me that feeling is too extravagant for words.

Moved into a new house recently and took up the task of decorating it. Let me talk to you about my first project.

Most of us have empty bottle which just end up in the recycle bin... Lets rethink here!!

Imagine the unending list of things we can do with it... I just started with this

Used masking technique and a stencil to come up with this pretty looking vase

Here is a close-up of the stencil work... And voila... A ready-to-recycle bottle turns into a ready-to-use vase.

Created some more on similar lines... Here is a sneak-peak

It is a great feeling to create something for your own home as the place starts reflecting your personality and style.

So next time you have an empty bottle in your hand ... find a place for it in your house.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surprise Gift

Thought of using quilling to make somethings other than butterflies and flowers...

Pretty quick and interesting.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Just came up with some bookmarks. I like to work on the base size of bookmarks. They finish really fast.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Some simple and quick cards to create.

The three colours I made it in. Replicating in different colours doesn't give you a copying feeling.

Thanks for looking.