Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This was made to order . I had to make 50 birthday invitations. I learnt a lot from this project.
Stamped and cut out the bunnies.

This is a 7x7 cm panel. I sponged the edges with red ink and the greenery was done with punched leaves.

Adhered the bunny only from the centre only so that it gives a jumping look and doesn't look very flat.

The room was full of these cards.
This was the final packing of the cards.
Thanks for looking!


  1. OMG, cutting out 50 bunnies must have been quite a job!! the card is chooooooo chweet, i love the bunny, the leaves and the little butterflies.....great job Archana!!

  2. This is very cute! I absolutely love it! I can't believe you made 50! Adorable! Kathy

  3. very cute!!! must have been fun making the order!!!

  4. hello archana. just came across ur blog and was dumbfounded. what art and creativity. it is nice to come acrosssuch talent. now i will follow ur blog regularly and am adding you in my blog list. you can also visit my blog at and become a member.

  5. So so cute! I bet you were sick of those bunnies by the time you were done. Wonderful job- I'm sure your customer was very pleased!

  6. Hi Archana.. saw your work .. it is sooooo cute! keep up the good work


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